Meet Favorito Plus!

Meet Favorito Plus

Meet Favorito Plus!

Today, The Neon Tea Party is introducing a new colorful craft yarn to our shop: Favorito Plus!

Favorito Plus (pronounced “fahv-oh-REE-toe ploos”) is a variegated DK / light worsted weight acrylic yarn produced by Hilos Omega, the same manufacturer as our beloved Omegacryl and (you guessed it) Favorito! Favorito Plus is available in sixteen colors, has the soft texture you’ve grown to love in Favorito, and is an affordable price at just $5/skein.

Due to its ombré nature, the yarn in each skein of Favorito Plus fades from light to dark, with a subtle ‘speckle’ effect throughout. This variation results in a gorgeous tonal patterning that’s super fun for crochet, knitting, pom poms, tassels, and other fiber crafts that call for acrylic yarn.

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Here are the stats on Favorito Plus yarn:

  • Yarn weight: Light Worsted, DK
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Length: 273 yards
  • Recommended crochet hook size: 2.75-4.5mm
  • Brand: Omega
  • Made in: Mexico
  • Yarn Care: Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry
  • Colors available in the TNTP Shop: 16


Just like Favorito, Favorito Plus is a twisted ply yarn that doesn’t split while you crochet, the way that many other worsted-weight yarns do, making it a delight to work with!
The most important note to keep in mind when planning for a project with both yarns is that a skein of Favorito Plus is twice the length of a skein of Favorito.

1 skein of Favorito Plus — 273 yards
1 skein of Favorito — 137 yards

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Favorito Plus is a fantastic yarn for crochet projects when you’re looking to add dimension without having to change colors every other row (sayonara, weaving in one thousand ends)! It’s beautiful when worked all on its own OR when blended for a ‘confetti’ effect!

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With the launch of Favorito Plus, we also have a new Crochet Basket Pattern made specifically for this yarn, and updated Crochet Scrunchie Kits!
If you already have a crochet hook handy, you can find an assortment of Favorito Plus yarn bundles in stunning color combos, designed to work together to create harmonious palettes we know you’ll adore.

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Crochet Scrunchies - Favorito Plus

PRO TIP: When working with Favorito Plus (or any other variegated yarn), you can be intentional about the final look of your project by pulling from the skein until you reach the desired color/pattern. Snip off the excess (and save the trimming for a pom pom 😉), and start working from that point of the strand!

For example, for the Marino/Turquesa scrunchie pictured above (left center), both skeins were pulled until the working yarn was at its lightest point of the strand. Doing this produced a confetti effect, compared to the Negro scrunchie (top center) which looks a bit more color blocked, as the yarn changed naturally from speckled to solid.

Colorful Pom Poms and Tassels


Patterned pom poms and tassels are consistently an instant crowd-pleaser, but can be intimidating (and time-consuming) to make if you’re just getting started. Favorito Plus is a fantastic yarn for creating quick dimensional pom poms and tassels without having to change colors or plan patterning! Just pull from the skein, and start wrapping!

Learn how to make pom poms and tassels >


Colorful Yarn for Crafting

With this third addition to our yarn family, it can be hard to know when to use which yarn. The good news is that all of the yarn we carry can be used for a wide variety of crafting (almost everything, really) which is one of the biggest reasons we love this yarn so much! We like our craft supplies to be multi-functional. That being said, each yarn we carry has its strengths, so the best yarn to choose really depends on your project.

Here are our general guidelines:

  • Use Omegacryl for projects where you want a fine texture, shaggy fluff, or a totally unique look. We love Omegacryl yarn when crafting pom poms, tassels, embroidery, friendship bracelets, and blending multiple colors for crochet.
  • Use Favorito when you want your projects to work up to be sturdy yet soft. We love Favorito yarn for crochet, dense pom poms, knitting, and weaving.
  • Use Favorito Plus for projects where you want to add tonal dimension without having to completely change colors. We love Favorito Plus for crochet, dense pom poms, knitting, and weaving.

Favorito Plus

We are so excited to see the color and dimension that Favorito Plus will add to your future projects. You can check out Favorito Plus yarn in the TNTP Shop starting today!

What will you be making with Favorito Plus? Let us know in the comments below! ⬇️

Peace, love & neon,


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