DIY Floral Pom Poms

Floral Pom Poms

It’s finally springtime, and in our world that can mean only one thing – Floral Pom Poms are back, baby!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you may recognize those floral pattern pom poms, and perhaps pulling out your own from years past! But this year we’ve got a new spring pom in town – the single-flower pom!

These cuties look great on their own but we’re simply buzzing over how delightful they look together.

Both Floral Pom Poms can be made with either Favorito, Omegacryl, or a blend of the two yarns — just be sure to adjust your revolution counts accordingly.


To make flower pom poms, you’ll need:

Note: All of the revolution counts outlined below are to make a 1.75″ pom pom using Favorito yarn. If making a larger or smaller pom pom, be sure to adjust the revolutions accordingly.

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Start by wrapping the small side of your Loome Tool with the flower center color 8-10 times.

With the petal color, wrap to the left of the center bundle 13 times, then to the right of the center bundle 13 times.

Finish the petals by wrapping directly on top of the flower center bundle 18 times. Keep these wraps as aligned with center as possible!

Wrap the leaf color to the left and right of the center bundle 4-6 times. These wraps will also help to create some shaping and separation of the petals.

Finally, cover the entire bundle up with ~100 revolutions of the background color.

Head here for instructions on how to tie and trim your pom pom with a 1.75″ trim guide.

PRO TIP: Use a yarn needle to reshape the petals of the trimmed pom poms, as the rolling and trimming process may shift the yarn a bit!


Flower Pattern Pom Poms

We’ve adapted HonestlyWTF’s brilliant floral pom pom tutorial using our tried-and-true Loome tool! Find the steps to make floral pattern pom poms using the Loome tool here.

Floral Pattern Pom Poms

Having trouble getting those pom pom flowers to bloom? Drop any questions in the comments below!

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