Craft Projects for Pride!

Craft Projects to DIY for Pride

At the Neon Tea Party, we believe in celebrating every person’s creativity and personal expression through colorful crafting.

Pride Month is the perfect time to DIY something for yourself, a friend, or a family member to share your support in celebrating exactly who they are.

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This year we’ve put together a Pride Yarn Bundle in partnership with InReach.
$10 from the sale of each Pride Yarn Bundle will be donated to support their mission!

Co-founded by a gay asylum seeker and trans American, InReach is a nonprofit organization providing the world’s first tech platform matching LGBTQ+ people with safe, verified resources.

InReach is for the entire diverse LGBTQ+ community – including asylum seekers and refugees, undocumented and other immigrants, young people experiencing homelessness, those facing family or community rejection due to their identity, and other transgender and non-binary people in need of safe resources.

You can learn more about InReach and get involved with their incredible mission here.

Craft Projects for Pride!

Looking for some DIY Pride project ideas? We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to put the Pride Yarn Bundle to use!

Pom Pom Crown for Pride

DIY Pom Pom Pride Crown

Every queen needs a crown! Wrap up some pom poms in each of the colors of the Progressive Pride Flag (or any of your identifying colors), and hot glue them to a headband for a gorgeous Pride crown. Perfect for your local Pride parade or your next Zoom call.

Friendship Bracelet for Pride

Friendship Bracelets

Knot up a friendship bracelet in classic rainbow stripes or your identifying colors! The best part of this project is that it can be finished within a few hours, and can stay on your wrist or ankle beyond the month of June. After all, Pride Month may be 30 days long, but pride for celebrating who you are is 365, baby!

Rainbow Tassel Garland

Whether you’re hosting a Pride Party or want to display your pride and/or allyship in your home, school, or workplace all year long, this Pride Tassel Garland is the perfect project! Simply trim up a batch of tassels in your rainbow yarn of choice (we used Favorito Plus for ours here!), then string them onto a long piece of yarn and hang it on full display!

Pom Pom Earrings for Pride

Rainbow Pom Pom Earrings

Pom pom earrings are one of our favorite craft projects for Pride (and all year round). Make a pair in your identifying colors, or wrap up some patterned pom poms in using the entire Progressive Pride Flag rainbow!

Crochet Rainbows

Crochet Rainbows

These gorgeous crochet rainbows by Sarah at Apricot Polkadot can be displayed on your desk, as a pin, in your window, hang on your wall, gift to a friend — the options are truly endless!

DIY Yarn Rainbow

Macrame Rainbow

Another beautiful craft project to show your pride – a macrame rainbow!

DIY Macrame Rainbow

To make a macrame rainbow: measure, cut, and mark a few strands of macrame cord. Wrap the cord in your desired colors, and hot glue each of the stripes together. Comb out the ends, trim, and attach a metal loop on the back for easy hanging!

Tie Dye Rainbow for Pride

Tie Dye Rainbow Arch

Craft up your own gear for Pride by tie dyeing a rainbow arch on a tee or tote. Wanna go all out? Dye your own Pride pajamas!


What are you making to celebrate Pride this month? Drop your project ideas in the comments below!

Be sure to tag us on Instagram @theneonteaparty in all of your projects – we want to help celebrate you for exactly who you are.

Peace, LOVE and neon,

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