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#CrochetinMay: 10 Crochet Projects We’re Hooked On


According to our friend and fiber arts goddess Kristy Glass, this month is #CrochetinMay! In other words, consider challenging yourself to pick out a crochet project (or multiple projects!) and work on it throughout the month of May! To help inspire your #CrochetinMay adventures, we’ve rounded up 10 crochet projects recently completed by our fellow CommuniTEA members, including project/pattern details so you can make them too! (TIP: All of these…

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DIY Easter Egg Pom Poms


Learn how to make colorful Easter egg pom poms with Omegacryl and a Loome tool, then turn them into a festive spring garland — with Sarah from Apricot Polkadot!

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DIY Striped Crochet Bookmark (Intro Project)


Crochet can be quite an intimidating new craft to undertake. I was extremely intimidated to learn crochet when I set out just over a year ago. My first attempts were embarrassing, to say the least, BUT when I finally got the hang of it, crocheting totally clicked and has felt so natural and easy ever since! I struggled to find truly helpful resources to start me on my own crochet…

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