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AUGUST 10-24, 2022

Time to bust out some beads and learn an awesome new jewelry-making skill: Bead Loom Bracelets!

Over two weeks, join together with an incredible group of colorful craft enthusiasts over Zoom to learn this new, beginner-friendly skill with an experienced & wonderfully supportive Craft Instructor, Laura, plus have helpful backend support from Camp Director & TNTP Founder, Marisa!

CAMP TNTP is so much more than a series of virtual craft classes – it’s a true summer camp experience filled with fun traditions, hilarious memories, and best of all, genuine friendships.


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Bead Loom Bracelet - Bead Camp 2022
Bead Loom Bracelet - Bead Camp 2022

Bead Loom Bracelets

Learn how to use a bead loom to create beautiful bracelets featuring delicate neon seed beads in detailed designs. You’ll also learn how to interpret bead loom patterns, how to create your own patterns, and how to add an adjustable macrame closure to your bracelets to fit any wrist.

Bead loom is a form of bead weaving, which has a rich history in Native American traditions, as well as around the world. We’ll dive more into the history of bead looming at Camp!

Although these bracelets look intricate, they are quite simple to make once you understand the steps. Your Craft Counselor & bead looming enthusiast Laura can’t wait to teach you how to make them yourself!

We know you'll get hooked on this awesome process!


Inspiring Guest Speaker:

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Bead Camp begins August 10th & ends August 24th!

Weds, Aug 10th: Welcome & Workshop 1 

Sun, Aug 14th: Workshop 2

Weds, Aug 17th: Craft Canteen

Sun, Aug 21st: Workshop 3

Weds, Aug 24th: Craft Show

All Activities start at 8:15pm EST / 5:15pm PST


Bead Camp Kit

Bead Camp Kit

By registering for Bead Camp, you'll receive a Camp Kit filled with everything you need to make your Bead Loom Bracelets, plus some extra camp goodies!

Your Crochet Camp Kit includes:

  • Bead Loom
  • Nymo D thread
  • White knotting cord
  • Tape Measure
  • Seed Beads, Size 11/0 in Neon Purple, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow & Neon Green
  • 2 Beading Needles
  • Pink lighter
  • TNTP Fabric Bag
  • Bunk Bead Necklace (new campers!) or Bunk Bead (returning campers!)

Heartfelt words about CAMP TNTP:

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"Adult craft camp is the best thing ever.... EVER!!!!" - Candice P., New York

"I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED camp! I loved crafting and laughing with women from all over and having reason to take a step back from work and giving myself something for just me!" - Estee K., New Jersey

"Taking time for myself each week to craft was so much fun. I didn't realize how much I needed that interaction time with other crafters. I cried during our last camp zoom together!" -Wendy L., Texas

"Camp was everything I hoped for and more. Very few of my friends are interested in crafting, and finding a group of people who share my love for crafts who are genuinely supportive was so special." - Jen J., Georgia

"Camp was everything I hoped for and so much more! Meeting fellow campers with similar interests from all over was such a wonderful experience. I found myself feeling more inspired as the weeks went on." - Patty W., British Columbia

“I loved learning new crafts and having something to look forward to every week. It was so inspiring to see how everyone's projects turned out and it motivated me to create for fun every day.” - Jenn V., California

"It's a fun gift to yourself. A time to dedicate to creativity, a time to connect with new friends, a time to turn off the worries of the world even if just for a little while." -Laura L., New York


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Meet Laura, your Craft Counselor!

Laura is a fellow TNTP enthusiast, lifelong crafter, and lover of all things rainbow and neon. Her favorite crafts are sewing, tie dye, and crochet, but she’ll try any craft if it’s colorful enough! She especially loves making her own clothes and accessories, and shares her projects with family & friends on Instagram @lauraneon_crafts. She’d love to connect there and see what you’ve been crafting, too! This is her FIRST session teaching at CAMP TNTP!!

Marisa Tie Dye Mobile - Cropped

Meet Marisa, your Camp Director!

Marisa is the founder of The Neon Tea Party and a lover of all things crafty, colorful, and campy! She'll be managing the admin & tech side of Camp this session -- so if you need any help, just drop her a note at Her first craft love is beads, so she's particularly excited for this session & to learn with Laura! This is her SIXTH session staffing CAMP TNTP!!


We bet you have lots of questions! See if we answer yours below. If not, you can contact us at & our camp staff will get back to you!

Are payment plans an option? Yes! At checkout, you can choose to pay in full or you can choose to pay in four equal installments using Shop Pay Installments. Simply choose the Shop Pay option during checkout, then choose to pay in 4 equal installments when entering your payment information. Your card will be automatically billed every two weeks with no additional fees. If you have further questions about this payment plan option, please contact us at

Do I have to buy supplies for camp? By registering for CAMP TNTP, you will receive a Bead Camp Kit with everything you need for the project, minus a pair of scissors and additional bead colors.

What if I miss a workshop? Not to worry! You’ll receive videos of each session so you can learn on your own time. You can ask questions and engage with your fellow campers in the CommuniTEA! 

What is the difference between a Workshop and Craft Canteen? The Workshops are where all the craft learning happens! Craft Canteens are fun and more casual programming where campers can hang out with one another, have some designated time to work on your project, and ask for specialized help on any part that’s got you stumped! 

What is the CommuniTEA you keep mentioning? The Neon Tea Party CommuniTEA is an unwaveringly supportive online crafting community, hosted on Mighty Networks. It’s super easy to make an account, attend events, and connect with other crafters. It’s FREE to make an account, and it will be your hub for Camp happenings! JOIN HERE!

How can I get craft help when I'm not in class? Campers will have access to a project guide that helps break down all the tips for crocheting the pattern, as well as the teaching videos of each session. Your craft counselor and fellow campers will also be available to help in our private CommuniTEA chat. 

What is the difficulty level of the project being taught? CAMP TNTP is designed to educate and inspire crafters of all skill levels! Whether you’re totally new to beading or have been beading for ages, this beginner-level project is guaranteed fun for all!

Can I sign my child up for CAMP TNTP? CAMP TNTP is a program for adults only. By keeping the program 18+, our community of adult crafters can fully relax, be themselves, and form genuine friendships with other crafters across North America. That said, you are of course welcome to share your resources, workshop recordings, and supplies with your child or children! This is a great project for crafters ages 9+.

What is the Craft Show? At the final session, all campers will show off their completed project, and together we’ll celebrate how much we learned over the course of Bead Camp!! 

HAVE OTHER QUESTIONS? Email & our CAMP TNTP Staff will get back to you!