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CAMP TNTP is craft camp gone VIRTUAL!

Calling all craft-loving kids and adults! Learn awesome craft skills and make new friends from across the country (& possibly the world!) at CAMP TNTP. Over the course of five weeks, dive into on-trend craft projects, virtually hang with your bunk, enjoy bonus programming, and make wonderful memories from the comfort & safety of home, all year long!



(Feb 13th/14th - March 21st)

Winter 2021 Self Love Banner

This Session's theme: SELF LOVE

With a new year upon us and camp kicking off on Valentine's Day weekend, we're dedicating this session to loving ourselves and setting ourselves up for an awesome year to come!

We'll explore the concept of Self Love in various ways, from creating cozy crafts, to vision boarding everything we hope for in 2021, and diving into the healing power of crafting.

Get ready to show yourself and your fellow campers some love at CAMP TNTP Winter 2021 Session!


Attend our CAMP TNTP Info Session!!

Jan 7, 2021 at 8:30 PM EST / 5:30 PM PST


What is CAMP TNTP?!

CAMP TNTP is a virtual craft camp for kids 8+ AND adults (separately), hosted by The Neon Tea Party!

Each session introduces new TNTP projects surrounding a theme. Expect to see a mix of our signature crafts, plus irresistible projects inspired by DIY trends of the moment and seasonal celebrations.

At workshops, prepare to learn the history behind each craft’s origin and experience an in-depth lesson on the craft of the week, creating something truly AWESOME in the process!

In between weekly workshops, Craft Canteens offer time to just BE at Camp together. Socialize, work on your craft, ask questions, meet special guests related to this session’s theme!





CAMP TNTP Winter 2021 will provide FIVE virtual workshop sessions plus additional social programming, all on Zoom! Visit the Adults & Kids pages for specific programming details!

Winter Dates: February 13/14 to March 21

ADULTS: All Adult Craft Workshops will take place on Wednesdays at 8:15 PM EST / 5:15 PM PST
All adult additional programming will take place on Sundays at 8:15 PM EST / 5:15 PM PST


KIDS: All Kids Craft Workshops will take place on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM EST / 3:30 PM PST
All Kids additional programming will take place on Sundays at 6:30 PM EST / 3:30 PM PST


PLEASE NOTE: There are only 30 spots for each of CAMP TNTP's Winter Sessions (30 Adults, 30 Kids). If we do not pre-register enough campers in either or both camps, there is a chance camp will not take place. We will notify you as soon as possible and will refund your deposit in full.

Pom Pom & Tassel Deluxe DIY Kit from The Neon Tea Party


CAMP TNTP Boxes will be available at signup and contain everything the campers need to craft along each week! If your home is already stocked with craft supplies, you can opt out of the CAMP TNTP Box. 

All campers will receive CAMP TNTP swag + extra resources to help them continue building your skills and crafting all session long!

Our Counselors!

"Our counselors were amazing at fostering a sense of community from far away. I always felt supported and that I could ask questions of our counselors and my fellow campers." Wendy L., Adult Camper & Parent of Kids Camper, Texas

Hannah Dunkelberger The Neon Tea Party

Meet Hannah, your Camp Director! Hannah is here to ensure a smooth and happy experience for everyone at CAMP TNTP. Reach her at

Marisa Tie Dye Mobile - Cropped

Meet Marisa, the founder of The Neon Tea Party and your Adult Craft Co-Counselor! Marisa started CAMP TNTP because the only thing she loves as much as crafting is summer camp vibes!

Groovy Gaby 2

Meet Gaby, TNTP TEAcher and your Lead Kids Craft Counselor & Adult Craft Co-Counselor! This bright spirit has her Master's in art & design education and is an expert weaver & fiber craft aficionado!

Heartfelt words about CAMP TNTP:

Jimma Yarn Rainbow

"CAMP TNTP was so much fun! I'm counting down the days until I can do camp again. Marisa, Hannah and Gaby are the best!"  - Addy T., Kids Camper, Washington

"I loved crafting and laughing with women from all over for a few hours a week and having reason to take a step back from work and giving myself something for just me!" - Estee K., Adult Camper, New Jersey

Addy - Peace Love Neon

"It was amazing to see my daughter look forward to something each week this summer and to connect with new girls from around the US, while learning and expanding on her crafting skills. She now has wrists full of friendship bracelets, pom poms and tassels decorating her room and a wardrobe full of tie dye clothing!" - Lauren S., Parent of Kids Camper, New Jersey

Divya Background-square

"Taking time for myself each week to make a new craft and learn the history behind it was so much fun. I didn't realize how much I needed that interaction time with other crafters. I cried during our last camp zoom together just like we would if we were saying goodbye at the end of summer. I am already looking forward to seeing my camp friends again at the next camp." - Wendy L., Adult Camper, Texas



We bet you have lots of questions! See if we answer yours below. If not, you can contact us at & our camp director Hannah will get back to you!

PLEASE NOTE: There are only 30 spots for CAMP TNTP's Winter Session. If we do not pre-register enough campers, there is a chance camp will not take place. We will notify you as soon as possible and will refund your deposit in full.

Do I have to buy the supplies? Our CAMP TNTP Box will contain everything you need for camp. We highly recommend this option for the value and the ease of being camp-ready, but understand many of you have shopped with us before, and probably already have a lot of what you need! A detailed list of everything in the CAMP TNTP Box will be on the registration page to help you decide. A checklist of supplies will be provided to those who sign up without the CAMP TNTP Box to ensure your camper has everything they need to craft along!

If I don't buy the Camp TNTP box, will I get the Camp Swag? Yes! All campers will receive Camp Swag whether they are receiving the Camp TNTP box or not. In past sessions, we’ve sent sweatshirts and t-shirts to tie dye.

What if I miss a workshop? We hope you can make all of our sessions, but we'll record the workshops just in case and email you the replay after class.

What is the difference between a workshop and a craft canteen? The Workshops are where all the learning will be happening and you won’t want to miss these. The Craft Canteens are an open space to hang with fellow campers and your craft counselors - these canteens are optional to attend, but we’d love to see you there!

Are there any discounts for CAMP TNTP? Pre-Register before January 17th to save $25. Sign up for both camps and receive an additional $25 off your adult and kids registrations. Returning campers have also received a discount code! The most you can save in total is $50. You can also opt-out of the Camp Box with supplies for a lower fee.

Are payment plans an option? Yes! You can pay for Camp in three installments, and you can select this option on your Pre-Registration Form. The deposit must be paid in full to pre-register. If you have further questions, please contact Hannah at

How can I get craft help when I'm not in class? Each week campers will receive an email of resources and video tutorials to help them practice and expand upon their new skills. Our counselors will also be available for craft questions through Messenger Kids for Kids, and Facebook Group for Adults.

What if I am excited about some of the workshops but not all of them? Many of the skills of our workshops are transferable between crafts, so even if it ends up not being your favorite workshop, it will help develop skills for one of the crafts you LOVE.

Will camp be the same price each session? Camp session pricing may fluctuate due to differences in supply costs. The Winter 2021 Session will be increased pricing due to a 5th week of crafting added!

Will each session have new crafts? Each session will have new craft projects on its schedule. You may learn some of the same skills in one session that you learn in another, but that just means you’ll be ready to level up even sooner.

What if I’m an advanced crafter? We’d still love to have you at camp! While you may be getting a refresher on some of the techniques you already know, you will still enjoy specifics on learning each new project, and meeting others in the crafting community.

What is the Craft Show? At the final session, all campers will present their proudest craft creation at our camp-wide Craft Show! Each camper will have a turn to share about their creation, along with their Rose (highlight) & Thorn (biggest challenge) from their time at CAMP TNTP.

For Kids camp, are parents required to attend the Welcome Session? Part of it! We will invite both parents and campers to join the first 30 minutes as our counselors introduce themselves and provide a program overview. Afterwards, only campers will stay on to get to know one another through a series of fun ice breakers!

HAVE OTHER QUESTIONS? Email & our camp director Hannah will get back to you!

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