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DIY Word & Name (Alpha) Friendship Bracelets


When you think of friendship bracelets, you probably imagine colorful stripes, repeating Vs, interlocking X’s and diamonds, and other diagonally-based patterns. Did you know that you can utilize those same techniques to knot horizontally and from there, create letters and thus WORDS on your friendship bracelets?! YEPP!!! Enter: Alpha Friendship Bracelets aka Word or Name Friendship Bracelets, which we’re going to teach you how to create today! While the knots…

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DIY Crochet Granny Square Throw Pillow


It’s no secret that we have a slight obsession with crochet granny squares here at The Neon Tea Party. I mean, what’s not to love?! They’re nostalgic, timeless, a little kitschy, and call for the use of all the fun and random color combos you can dream up! It’s been freakin’ awesome to see the rise in popularity of granny squares (and crochet in general!) in fashion, with brands like…

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#CrochetinMay: 10 Crochet Projects We’re Hooked On


According to our friend and fiber arts goddess Kristy Glass, this month is #CrochetinMay! In other words, consider challenging yourself to pick out a crochet project (or multiple projects!) and work on it throughout the month of May! To help inspire your #CrochetinMay adventures, we’ve rounded up 10 crochet projects recently completed by our fellow CommuniTEA members, including project/pattern details so you can make them too! (TIP: All of these…

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