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DIY Friendship Bracelet Napkin Rings


Add some extra DIYed love to your Thanksgiving table this year! In this tutorial, learn the classic chevron friendship bracelet pattern to create napkin ring-sized friendship bracelets to adorn your holiday table for years to come.  Here’s what we’ll be covering: Setting up your string for friendship bracelets String length for napkin rings Chevron friendship bracelet pattern How to finish your friendship bracelets with knots and braids NOTE: If you…

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DIY Pumpkin Pom Poms


Happy October, friends!!!!! Fall and the spooky season are in full swing, which means bring on allll the cozy crafts! We couldn’t believe that we didn’t already have a pumpkin pom pom (ahem — POMkin!) tutorial for you guys, so we have fixed that problem and created a sweet pomkin tutorial for you, perfect for stringing into garlands for your Halloween home! Making pumpkin pom poms is easy, especially if…

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How to Ice Dye


Thanks to the pandemic and people’s subsequent search for joyful hobbies during the on-going stay-at-home mandate, 2020 has unofficially officially become the Year of Tie Dye. Now, we assume most of you reading this have tried classic tie dye, where you bind up fabric and squirt or dunk liquid dye onto it to produce classic designs like swirls, bullseyes, and scrunches. But have you ICE DYED yet?! Ice dye is…

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