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How to Ice Dye


Thanks to the pandemic and people’s subsequent search for joyful hobbies during the on-going stay-at-home mandate, 2020 has unofficially officially become the Year of Tie Dye. Now, we assume most of you reading this have tried classic tie dye, where you bind up fabric and squirt or dunk liquid dye onto it to produce classic designs like swirls, bullseyes, and scrunches. But have you ICE DYED yet?! Ice dye is…

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How to Make Pastel Tie Dye


It’s no secret that tie dye has become THE CRAFT of this COVID-19 quarantine era we’re currently living through–not only with home crafters, but also in fashion. Many popular brands are incorporating the retro-vibed style into everything from t-shirts and sweats to dresses, skirts, blouses, and even accessories like bags and face masks! One of our favorite takes on tie dye that we continue seeing from trendy brands like LoveShackFancy…

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DIY Pom Pom Earrings (using a FORK!)


Pom pom earrings are one of our MOST requested DIYs — and for good reason! They’re a fun and relatively easy DIY project, plus a very stylish way to put those poms to good use! Not to mention they’re super lightweight and fun to rock, especially in the warmer months! You can make pom pom earrings with any size pom pom you please using our how to make pom poms…

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