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Gift Wrapping with Pom Poms & Tassels


Wrapping gifts is half the fun of giving them, don’t you agree? Here at TNTP we’re decorating all our gifts with, what else, pom poms and tassels! They’re such a fun and easy way to make a special gift even more special. I especially love to attach poms and tassels in a way that they can be reused as bag charms and other easy adornments–talk about a gift that keeps…

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the neon gift guide 2017


I am suuuper excited to bring you this year’s Neon Gift Guide, also known as Marisa’s personal wish list. (If any of my friends or family are reading this: take note, guys!! Lol jk but not really. 😉 ) I’ve compiled my favorite giftable goodies from across the internet including some of my favorite small brands (whattup Little Words Project and Gunner & Lux!), limited edition items from my favorite…

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How to Style a Playful Shelfie


Curating a colorful shelfie moment is a key skill when it comes to decorating a playful eclectic home. Any spare shelf, be it in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom, is an opportunity to display your collection of fun tchotchkes, plant babies, and framed art. For the longest time, I’d wanted to add something to the space above our horizontal vanity mirror in our bedroom, as it was literally…

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