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Tidying up Using the KonMari Method | Pt. 1: Closet Clean Out


I knew this moment would arrive one day. What moment is that you ask? Two words: the purge. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I am a lover of “stuff” and have been my whole life. While I’ve eased up my shopping habits in recent years, starting a product- and project-based business, having a blog, and getting married all equate to their own influxes of objects, something I’ve referred to numerous…

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The Neon Nine: Hygge


In my experience, the first week of October signals the beginning of cozy season. The air chills, the leaves start to turn, and we dust off our favorite fall boots. While the days are gorgeous, at night we simply want to come home and snuggle up with a candle burning and something warm for dinner. The Danish have a word for this thing we crave come October: hygge (pronounced hue-gah)….

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Introducing: Global Goodies + How to Style Them!


In developing my concept for The Neon Tea Party, I ALWAYS knew I wanted globally-sourced products to be a prominent part of the business. I’ve seen countless brands follow this model and it has long called out to me as a way to 1.) see the world (obv!) 2.) curate a unique offering and 3.) authenticate TNTP’s globally-inspired point of view. So many of the colorful, patterned, and ornamented items…

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