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My One Little Word® for 2019

The Neon Tea Party One Little Word 2019

Happy 2019 friends!!!! I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start! I don’t know about you guys but I felt immensely refreshed after taking a week and half off for the holidays. I was so refreshed, in fact, that I had originally planned on being off through the end of last week but was so chock-full of clarity on what 2019 should look like that I went right…

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Neontrepreneur: Lauren Wax, Food Instagrammer behind Eats & The City


Have you ever wondered how exactly food Instagrammers do what they do? How they snag mouth-watering photos, are treated to free meals and get tens-of-thousands of followers? I invited my friend and star food ‘grammer Lauren Wax of Eats & The City to be this month’s Neontrepreneur and help demystify the world of social media eats. Read on to learn expert tips (plus real-life successes and challenges) of this NYC-based…

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Neontrepreneur: Vilasinee Bunnag, Craft Tool Inventor & Founder of Loome

Neontrepreneur Vilasinee Bunnag the Loome

You guyssssss! Our Neontrepreneur series is BACK and we’re kicking things off with a super duper special guest, someone who has been hugely influential to me as my build my own crafty brand: Vilasinee Bunnag, inventor and founder of Loome craft tools!! It’s been almost one whole year since our last Neontrepreneur interview while TNTP went through a rebrand and website redesign (and as I contemplated turning the series into…

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