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Hellooooo 2018!


Well hello all you gorgeous people! Did everyone have a relaxing vacation?? I certainly did! After the crazy, holiday market-filled month that was December, I seriously felt like I earned my vacation. I’m sure many of you retailers and entrepreneurs can relate! The Thursday before Christmas, I closed my computer, breathed a ginormous sigh of relief, and promptly indulged in a celebratory pasta meal with Sam. The days that followed…

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Game-Changing Productivity Tips from Quinn Tempest


Guys, I am SO excited to introduce you to my friend Quinn Tempest, a Phoenix, Arizona-based graphic designer, digital strategist, speaker and all-around girlboss. (Seriously, she [semi-jokingly] calls her personal branding project “Boss Lady Empire”!!) Currently, Quinn is restructuring her business and while doing so has been sharing pearls of productivity wisdom, like this and this, over on her Instagram. Knowing that there had to be more where those came from,…

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The 5 Things I’m Doing to Overcome Overwhelm


Whether you’re organizing a major project (such as a move or a wedding), taking on a new role at work, becoming a parent for the first time, or starting a business, there are times in all of our lives when overwhelm is bound to set in. Some people are natural problem solvers who can effortlessly break down a large undertaking into small action items and tackle them one-by-one. I, Marisa…

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