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You don't have to be a kid to go to craft camp! Join us this summer for five weeks of crafting your heart out, making friends across North America, and enjoying all the special moments of a true summer camp experience!


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Girl Power!

Celebrating female artisanry.

In this powerful session, we'll explore five traditional handicraft categories used by women throughout history and across the globe. Learn about the historical significance of these skills and examples of impactful organizations and businesses helping skilled female artisans to use their handiwork to support their families and communities, and educate the world at large.


Macrame Bracelets
Build Your Summer Stack: Macrame Bracelets!

Learn fundamental macrame knots, how to create an adjustable closure, and how to work beads and cowrie shells into your bracelets to create the ideal summer stack!

Polymer Clay Jewelry
Polymer Clay "Ceramics" Jewelry!

All the fun of ceramics -- minus the kiln -- when we dive into polymer clay jewelry this summer! Learn surface patterning and marbling, then create gorgeous slab earrings, beads, and more!

Floral Dyeing
Flower Power Tie Dye!

Learn natural dye with a botanical twist! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create dyes using flowers plus how to create flower-patterned stamping using a technique called bundling!

Crochet Basket WIP
Crocheted Coil Baskets!

Crochet is BACK at CAMP TNTP this summer! We’ll be learning how to use basic crochet skills to hook up a stylish and functional basket to corral your craft supplies or anything else that needs cute containment!

Embroidery 2
Denim Embroidery Explosion!

Deck out your summer denim with colorful embroidery and visible mending! In this workshop, learn functional visible mending techniques plus playful embroidery touches to help revive your worn-out blue jeans, shorts, jackets & more!


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CAMP TNTP begins July 18th & ends August 22nd!

All Activities take place at 8:15pm EST / 5:15pm PST

Activities are 1-2 hours long

Sunday, July 18th - Welcome Session

Wednesday, July 21st - Workshop 1: Denim Embroidery Explosion!

Sunday, July 25th - Craft Canteen

Wednesday, July 28th - Workshop 2: Build Your Summer Stack!

Sunday, August 1st - Craft Canteen

Wednesday, August 4th- Workshop 3: Flower Power Tie Dye!

Sunday, August 8th - Super Secret Surprise Event!

Wednesday, August 11th - Workshop 4: Crochet Coil Baskets!

Sunday, August 15th - CAMP TNTP Talent Show

Wednesday, August 18th - Workshop 5: Polymer Clay Jewelry!

Sunday, August 22nd - Craft Show

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Your CAMP TNTP Box is included in your registration & contains everything you need to craft along each week! Organized by week, you'll receive supplies for: 

  • Denim Embroidery
  • Macrame Bracelets
  • Flower Power Tie Dye
  • Crochet Coil Baskets
  • Polymer Clay Jewelry

Your CAMP BOX will also contain Summer 2021 swag + extra goodies & resources to help you continue building your skills and crafting all session long!


Heartfelt words about CAMP TNTP:


"I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED camp! I loved crafting and laughing with women from all over for a few hours a week and having reason to take a step back from work and giving myself something for just me!" - Estee K., New Jersey

"Taking time for myself each week to make a new craft and learn the history behind it was so much fun. I didn't realize how much I needed that interaction time with other crafters. I cried during our last camp zoom together just like we would if we were saying goodbye at the end of summer. I am already looking forward to seeing my camp friends again at the next camp." -Wendy L., Texas

"Camp was everything I hoped for and more. Very few of my friends are interested in crafting, and finding a group of people who share my love for crafts who are genuinely supportive and excited for me was so special." - Jen J., Georgia

"I was equally excited about all the craft sessions as well as the canteen sessions. Your guests touched me all in their own way. The joy I felt to be with a like-minded creative and fun community really cannot be overstated." -Laura L., New York

"Adult craft camp is the best thing ever.... EVER!!!! And you should get the box cause it is so easy to know where everything is and you don’t need to search the world for anything." - Candice P., New York

“Camp was the bright spot of 2020 for me! I loved learning new crafts and having something to look forward to every week. It was so inspiring to see how everyone's projects turned out and it motivated me to create for fun every day.” - Jenn V., California


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Meet Gaby, your Summer 2021 Co-Craft Counselor!

Gaby has been a TNTP TEAcher for over two years, has taught three sessions of CAMP TNTP, and is the embodiment of Camp Vibes! She is a lover of colorful fiber crafts and specializes in weaving. Gaby has her master's degree in art & design education.

Gaby will be teaching Flower Power Tie Dye, Crochet Baskets, & Denim Embroidery this summer!

Madison Headshot

Meet Madison, your Summer 2021 Co-Craft Counselor!

Madison has been a TNTP TEAcher for over two years and is a true crafter extraordinaire! While her favorite medium is fiber (especially knitting!), there is truly no project she can’t master. Madison has studied fashion design and is currently earning her degree in art education. This will be her first session as a Craft Counselor at CAMP TNTP!

Madison will be teaching Macrame Bracelets and Polymer Clay Jewelry this summer!


We bet you have lots of questions! See if we answer yours below. If not, you can contact us at camp@theneonteaparty.com & our camp staff will get back to you!

How many available spots are there at CAMP TNTP? Only 60!

Why should I pre-register and how does it work? When you pre-register for CAMP TNTP, you automatically save $25 off of CAMP TNTP and you secure your spot for the upcoming session. It also helps you to break up registration payments over time. To pre-register, you will pay a $100 non-refundable deposit through the TNTP Shop by the end of the pre-registration period (6/13/21) or until spots fill up. This amount will be deducted from the total pre-registration fee. The request for balance payment will be emailed to you on the first day of regular registration (6/14/21), which you must submit by the last day of registration (7/11/21) in order to confirm your spot at CAMP TNTP.

Are payment plans an option? Yes! At checkout, you can choose to pay in full or you can choose to pay in four equal installments using Shop Pay Installments. Simply choose the Shop Pay option during checkout, then choose to pay in 4 equal installments when entering your payment information. Your card will be automatically billed every two weeks with no additional fees. If you have further questions about this payment plan option, please contact us at camp@theneonteaparty.com.

Are there any discounts for CAMP TNTP? YES! There are four ways to save on CAMP TNTP. By pre-registering by June 13th, you will automatically save $25 on your registration. You can save an additional $25 when you register with a friend or family member, if you’re a returning camper, or if you’re a TNTP TEAcher. If you qualify for more than one of the three additional ways to save, you cannot combine discounts and can only receive the max additional $25 off.

PLEASE NOTE: You may not apply any other TNTP Shop discounts towards CAMP TNTP.

How will my discount(s) apply? Pre-registrants will automatically see their $25 discount reflected in their camp payment balance. Registrants who sign up with a friend or family member must pay in full upfront, but will each receive a $25 refund pending that: 1. You and your friend/family member indicate one another on your Registration Forms (or notify us via email at camp@theneonteaparty.com), and 2. You both complete your registration payments.
Returning campers and TNTP TEAchers will be emailed a $25 discount code that can be applied towards either their Pre-Registration Balance or Full-Price Registration, beginning the first day of regular registration (6/14/21).

Do I have to buy supplies for camp? Nope! By registering for CAMP TNTP, you will receive a box filled with most everything you need to craft along at camp, minus a few standard craft supplies such as scissors. It will also contain some extra camp swag to get you in the spirit and welcome you to CAMP TNTP!

Can I opt-out of the Camp Box? Not anymore. In past sessions we have offered the option to sign up with or without the camp box, however we now only offer the one registration option, which comes with the Camp Box. We promise you’ll be SO grateful to have it during camp!

What if I miss a workshop? We hope you can make all of our sessions, but we know sometimes things come up! We record each workshop and send it out to all campers after class so you can always refer back to it.

What is the difference between a Workshop and a Craft Canteen? The Workshops are where all the craft learning happens! Craft Canteens are fun and more casual programming where campers can hang out with one another and work on their latest craft project. Occasionally, Craft Canteens will have a special guest or activity for added CAMP TNTP awesomeness! Be sure to look at the calendar for the upcoming session to find out what we have planned!

How can I get craft help when I'm not in class? Each week campers will receive an email of resources and video tutorials to help you practice and expand upon your new skills. Your craft counselors will also be available for craft questions through your session’s private Facebook Group!

What is the difficulty level of the crafts being taught? What if I’m a beginner or advanced crafter? Is CAMP TNTP for me? CAMP TNTP is designed to educate and inspire crafters of all skill levels! Whether you’re totally new to crafting or have been crafting for ages, there’s always something awesome to learn at CAMP TNTP. All workshops are designed to be beginner-friendly, then offer “level-up” ideas for seasoned crafters who want to kick up their skills a notch! Workshops span a wide range of craft categories to ensure that even experienced crafters will enjoy something new!

What is the Craft Show? At the final session, all campers will present their proudest craft creation at our camp-wide Craft Show! Each camper will have a turn to share about their creation, along with their Rose (highlight) & Thorn (biggest challenge) from their time at CAMP TNTP.

HAVE OTHER QUESTIONS? Email camp@theneonteaparty.com & our CAMP TNTP Staff will get back to you!