Lesson: Get to Know Your Tools

Learn how to use your beading tools (and what they're called)

These three tools are a must-have for making jewelry!

Round nose pliers - Great for a myriad of tasks! Use these to bend and loop wire, or hold onto jewelry findings while using other pliers to perform other tasks, like closing a jump ring.

Flat nose pliers - Best used for opening and closing jump rings, and closing crimp beads. These are also great for making sharp bends or flattening wire!

Wire cutters - As the name suggests these handy pliers are for... cutting wire!

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Use your bead board to sort your beads and findings, then lay out your design to bring your jewelry ideas to life!

This handy bead board comes with a sturdy travel lid, perfect for taking your project on-the-go or preventing your beads from knocking over.

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Thin and flexible, beading needles are ideal for threading small beads, or for bead weaving.

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Crimp beads are soft metal beads used to secure clasps and beads in lieu of knots.

You'll need flat nose pliers to squash them!

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These gold-tone crimp covers hide knots and crimping beads, giving the appearance of a small round spacer bead. A must-have for beaders wanting a clean finish on your creations!

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Jewelry Cement — G-S Hypo Cement is our favorite — is a strong craft and jewelry glue that comes in handy time and again. Apply this glue to knots and small areas to secure your work.
Pro Tip: To prolong your jewelry cement tube, wipe off the tip with a soft towel before replacing the cap.

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Lobster clasps are a common jewelry fastener usually found on non-stretch jewelry, like bracelets, necklaces, or anklets.

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Flat head pins are usually used to create dangling or drop beaded earrings. They can also be used to turn your favorite beads into charms using your round nose pliers!

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A must-have, and can't-have-too-many tool!

Use jump rings as the finishing link to your clasp jewelry, or connect different jewelry components like charms or earring hooks.

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Apply your new-found skill to create awesome things! Here’s a round-up of project inspiration.