Lesson: Clasp Closure Jewelry

Learn how to add a clasp closure with a clean finish.

Clasp Jewelry - Step 1

step one

Measure your wrist, neck or ankle and cut a piece of non-stretch beading string at least 6” longer.

Clasp Jewelry - Step 2

step two

Thread a crimping bead onto the end of the string, followed by a clasp.

Clasp Jewelry - Step 3

step three

Using a beading needle, guide the same end of the string back through the crimping bead, resulting in a loop from which the clasp should be dangling. Push the crimping bead up to nearly touch the clasp.

Clasp Jewelry - Step 4

step four

Flatten the crimping bead using flat-nose jewelry pliers, making sure the string is secure and does not wiggle under the crimping bead.

Clasp Jewelry - Step 5

step five

Last, conceal the crimping bead with a crimping bead cover by gently pinching the “C”-shaped cover with flat-nose jewelry pliers until it becomes an “O” shape.

Clasp Jewelry - Step 6

step six

Plan your pattern by laying out your beads on a beading tray or plate.

Clasp Jewelry - Step 7

step seven

Add beads one-by-one until your desired length is achieved, using a beading needle to help string on small beads.

Clasp Jewelry - Step 9

step eight

Using the beading needle, thread the excess tail from the clasp through the first 3-5 beads and trim the excess.

Clasp Jewelry - Step 10

step nine

Repeat steps 2-5 at the other end of your jewelry, but add a jump ring instead of a clasp. Make sure the jump ring is fully closed before stringing it on.

Clasp Jewelry - Step 11

step ten

Once your jump ring is on and secured with a crimping bead and crimping bead cover, thread the remaining tail through the last 3-5 beads and trim the excess.

Clasp Jewelry - Finished Bracelet - 3

step eleven

Rock your gorgeous new creation!


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