Lesson: Stretch Beaded Jewelry

Learn how to make classic stretch beaded jewelry with a polished finish.

How to Make Stretch Jewelry - 1

step one

Measure your wrist to determine your bracelet size.

You’ll want your stretch bracelet to be a bit looser than your wrist size. If you don’t have a tape measure handy, you can use your string to take a measurement of your wrist, then plan your pattern length accordingly.

How to Make Stretch Jewelry - 2

step two

Choose your beads and lay them out in a pattern. (A bead board really helps with this!) The pattern can be anything you like! Create a repeating pattern, color block, totally random -- whatever calls to you!

How to Make Stretch Jewelry - 3

step three

Once your pattern is complete, cut a piece of your desired string ~12” and fold a washi tape flag around one end, close to the end of the string.

How to Make Stretch Jewelry - 4

step four

Use a beading needle to string all beads onto the string. Carefully cut or slide off the washi tape flag.

How to Make Stretch Jewelry - 5

step five

Use a crimp bead to close your stretch bracelet, threading the ends of the bracelet into the crimping bead in opposite directions. Pull tight to remove any slack.

How to Make Stretch Jewelry - 6

step six

Flatten the crimping bead with pliers.

Alternatively: You can skip the crimp bead and tie ends together with a triple knot, securing the knot with a dot of jewelry cement. Give your bracelet a few pulls to make sure the knot is secure, then cover the knot with a crimp cover. Trim the excess string.

How to Make Stretch Jewelry - 7

step seven

Optional: For extra security, you can add a small amount of jewelry cement around the crimp bead and let it dry.

How to Make Stretch Jewelry - 8

step eight

Conceal the crimping bead with a crimping bead cover by gently pinching the “C”-shaped cover with flat-nose jewelry pliers until it becomes an “O” shape.

Cut the excess string.

How to Make Stretch Jewelry - 9

step nine

Show it off, and make a hundred more!


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