Crochet Lesson: Standing Double Crochet Stitch

Skip the slst ch 3, and start your dc rows with this technique!

Standing Double Crochet - Step 1

step one

Push your hook through the gap or stitch where you'd like to join your yarn.

Standing Double Crochet - Step 2

step two

Pull a loop through until your loop is slightly taller than the approximate height of a double crochet stitch.

Standing Double Crochet - Step 3

step three

Yarn over using the loop you just pulled through. Use a finger to hold the two "loops" on your hook in place.

Standing Double Crochet - Step 4

step four

You're now going to finish this stitch like a traditional double crochet. As you complete this stitch, continue to use your finger to hold the loops on your hook in place (this may take some practice).

Push your hook through the same stitch or gap you pulled the initial yarn loop through in step 2, yarn over with both the working yarn and the tail, and pull through.


Standing Double Crochet - Step 5

step five

Yarn over with the working yarn and the tail, and pull through two of the loops on your hook.

Standing Double Crochet - Step 6

step six

You should now have two loops on your hook.

Yarn over with the working yarn and tail once again, and pull through.

How to Crochet a Standing Double Crochet

step seven

You've now completed a standing double crochet stitch!

Standing Double Crochet - Step 7

step eight

Continue working your double crochet stitches as normal. You now have a seamless round of dc, with no clear starting chain.


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