Crochet Lesson: Half Double Crochet (hdc)

A triangular take on the double crochet stitch.


Half Double Crochet (abbreviated: "hdc") is a triangular take on the double crochet and can be used to fill in corners in a design. Rather than yarning over and pulling through 2 two times, you'll yarn over and pull through three after setting up your stitch.

When following a U.K. pattern remember that the terminology is different, if it says treble crochet (tr) in the U.K. pattern it means double crochet (dc) in the U.S. pattern. Refer to U.S. / U.K. conversion chart.

Half Double Crochet 2

step one

Yarn over.

Half Double Crochet 3

step two

Insert hook into designated space keeping yarn-over on hook.

Half Double Crochet 4

step three

Yarn over again.

Half Double Crochet 5

step four

Pull through one.

Half Double Crochet 6

step five

Yarn over.

Half Double Crochet 1

step six

Pull through three. There you have a half double crochet (hdc) stitch!


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