Crochet Lesson: Granny Stripe

A retro crochet technique with major wow-factor.


Granny Stripe is a crochet technique that is made up of a series of granny clusters worked in a row. This crochet technique is quick to work up, and is great for creating blankets or garments.

Granny Stripe - Step 1

step one

Start your granny stripe with either a ch 3 OR standing double crochet stitch.

Granny Stripe - Step 2

step two

Work 2 double crochet stitches into the same space or stitch.

This counts as your first "granny cluster".

A granny cluster, often times referred to as a "shell," is 3 double crochets worked into the same space or stitch.

Granny Stripe - Step 3

step three

Continue working a granny cluster (3 dc) into each space to create a stripe.

You can opt to ch 1 between each shell, depending on the overall look you're going for or if the pattern calls for it.

A ch 1 between each shell will create a more "breezy" look to your clusters (as seen in our Granny Square Cardigan), whereas omitting the chain will create a piece with less gapping (as seen in our Granny Stripe Stocking).


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