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Crochet Lesson: Double Crochet (dc)

This medium-length stitch is a fundamental technique and is the basis for the Granny Square pattern!


Double Crochet (abbreviated: "dc") is a higher and looser stitch than the single crochet, meaning there is more space in between the stitches. This is the primary stitch in the classic granny square pattern and is a wonderful stitch for more open pattern work.

When following a U.K. pattern remember that the terminology is different, if it says treble crochet (tr) in the U.K. pattern it means double crochet (dc) in the U.S. pattern. Refer to U.S. / U.K. conversion chart.

How to Double Crochet - 1

step one

From your foundation chain, count 3 stitches from the hook, NOT including the chain touching the hook.

How to Double Crochet - 2

step two

Yarn over, meaning wrap your yarn around your hook, crossing over the front diagonally upwards from right to left.

How to Double Crochet - 3

step three

Insert your hook into the V of the 3rd chain stitch that you identified previously.

How to Double Crochet - 4

step four

Yarn over again.

How to Double Crochet - 5

step five

Pull the yarn through the first loop only. This leaves 3 loops on the hook.

How to Double Crochet - 6

step six

Yarn over.

How to Double Crochet - 7

step seven

Pull the yarn through the first 2 loops on the hook. This leaves 2 loops on the hook.

How to Double Crochet - 8

step eight

Yarn over.

How to Double Crochet - 9

step nine

Pull the yarn through the last 2 loops on the hook. This leaves 1 loop on the hook and completes your double crochet!

How to Double Crochet - 10

step ten

Continue down your foundation chain until you reach the end!

How to Double Crochet - 11

step eleven

To turn your project, chain 3, then repeat the double crochet into the first stitch next to the base of your chain 3. This time, as you stitch into your first double crochet row, after you yarn over you are going to place your hook under the v stitch, so the v is sitting on top of your hook. Continue double crocheting down the row until you get to the end, then chain 3 and repeat! Keep repeating until your section or project is complete.


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