Crochet Lesson: How to Slip Knot & Chain (ch)

The first steps of any crochet project!


How to Slip Knot

Almost all crochet projects begin by forming a slip knot and tightening it around your crochet hook.

How to Slip Knot - 1

step one

Take the end of your yarn and fold it over to make a long, upside-down U shape. Hold both sides of the yarn in between your pinky and ring finger (of your non-dominant hand) to make an 11. Make sure the tail end of your yarn is at least a few inches long.

How to Slip Knot - 2

step two

With your other hand, grab the middle of the yarn at the top of the U and give a slight twist so that the yarn is now creating an X.

How to Slip Knot - 3

step three

Using your index finger and thumb from the hand that twisted the yarn, come through the back of the loop and grab the yarn on the opposite side of the X. Make sure that the yarn you are grabbing is the piece on the bottom of the two pieces.

How to Slip Knot - 4

step four

Pull up to form a loop secured with a knot.

How to Slip Knot - 5

step five

Pull slightly and place the loop on your hook.

How to Slip Knot - 7

step six

Give the loop another pull to tighten around your hook.

How to Chain (ch)

Most crochet projects start off with a foundation chain. Your pattern will tell you many chains (abbreviated with the term "ch") to create for your starting length. Chains can also appear during other elements of a pattern beyond just a foundation chain. Follow the steps below to learn how to chain!

How to Chain - 1

step one

Start by making a slip knot (see directions above).

How to Chain - 2

step two

Insert your hook into the slip knot.

How to Chain - 3

step three

Yarn over once. Yarn over means to wrap your yarn around your hook, bringing it behind your hook, then crossing over the front diagonally upwards from right to left (righties) or left to right (lefties).

How to Chain - 4

step four

Twist your hook towards you so the face of your hook is parallel to your body, then use the hook to pull the yarn-over strand through the loop below it. The loop that was previously on your hook should travel above then behind your hook in doing this. This is chain (ch) 1!

How to Chain - 5

step five

Repeat for as many times your project calls for. This is your foundation chain!


How to Chain - 6

step six

A back view of your foundation chain.