Crochet Lesson: Invisible Join

A seamless way to join starting and ending stitches in the round.

Invisible Join - Step 1

step one

Use an invisible join stitch when you're ready to close the loop when working in the round.

Invisible Join - Step 2

step two

Remove your hook from your work, leaving the loop where you just pulled your hook from in place.

Slip your hook, from the back of your work to the front, into the top of the stitch that you'd like to join.

Invisible Join - Step 3

step three

Slip your hook into the open loop from your last stitch.

Invisible Join - Step 4

step four

Pull the loop through!


Invisible Join - Step 4

step five

You're now left with a seamless round with no clear starting or ending stitches.

You can continue onto your next row, switch colors, or fasten off as normal.


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