Crochet Lesson: Magic Circle

A great starter stitch for projects that work in the round.


The Magic Circle (also called "Magic Ring") is a starting stitch that creates an adjustable loop, allowing you to work as many stitches into the loop as you'd like. Once you're done, you can pull the tail to tighten the loop for a completely closed center.

Magic Circle - Step 1

step one

Grasp the yarn in your non-dominant hand, hold the tail taut with your ring finger and pinky.

Magic Circle - Step 2

step two

Flip your hand over, wrapping the working yarn around your pointer and middle fingers at an angle.

Magic Circle - Step 3

step three

Bring the working yarn under your two fingers, back toward the other side.

Magic Circle - Step 4

step four

Cross the working yarn back over the tops of your fingers at the opposite angle to create an "X." Hold the working yarn taut under your ring and pinky fingers.

Magic Circle - Step 5

step five

Slip your crochet hook under the center of the X. Twist your hook slightly to grab the top-most strand.

Magic Circle - Step 6

step six

Pull the yarn through (under the X).

Magic Circle - Step 7

step seven

Your hook should now be seated on top of the "X," with one loop on the hook.

Magic Circle - Step 8

step eight

Slip your hook under the same leg of the "X." Grab and pull through the loop on your hook.

Magic Circle - Step 9

step nine

Work all of your stitches around the tail and loop you just formed.

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step ten

Once all of your stitches are complete, pull the tail to close the center of your work.

Video Tutorial

See the entire process in action here!


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