Crochet Lesson: Moss Stitch

Also known as the linen stitch, the moss stitch is a simple stitch made from an alternating pattern of chain stitches and single crochet to create a lovely drape.

Moss Stitch Step 1

step one

Begin with a chain or foundation single crochet that is an even number of stitches.

Moss Stitch Step 2

step two

Join new color (or continue in the same color) and ch 2. This counts as the first single crochet. Skip the first stitch.

Single crochet in the next stitch. Chain 1.

How to Moss Stitch - Step 3

step three

Skip a stitch.

Single crochet in the next stitch. Chain 1.

Continue to sc, ch 1, skip a stitch, until you reach th end of your row.

How to crochet linen stitch

step four

Repeat this pattern of single crochet and chains in of the subsequent rows, working the single crochet in the chain spaces of the previous row.


Apply your new-found skill to create awesome things! Here’s a round-up of project inspiration that use the moss stitch.