Lesson: How to Embroider Lazy Daisies

These daisies are called lazy for a reason -- they're so simple (and sweet!)


step one

Draw a 6-point star in the size you want your lazy daisy to be. Do this by drawing a line with an X over it -- all 6 spokes should be even. This sketch will be your stitch guide.


step two

Pro tip: You can draw your 6-point star on the underside of your fabric so it doesn't peek through your daisy! 


step three

Thread your needle with at least two feet of thread and knot it at the end. Start your first daisy petal by entering the center of your star from the underside of your fabric. Pull thread all the way until the knot touches your fabric.


step four

With your needle, go back into the center of your star through the top of your fabric (the same hole is ok!).


step five

Pull the thread until you have a loop that is slightly longer than the spokes of your star.


step six

Position your loop on top of one of your star spoke and secure it to your fabric with one small stitch at the top center of the loop. You’ll start this by entering the fabric from the underside and coming up through the end point of the star spoke.


step seven

Pull the thread until your petal loop just touches the new stitch.


step eight

Complete the stitch (and secure your petal) by entering back into the fabric on the outside of your petal loop.


step nine

Voilà - your first lazy daisy petal!


step ten

Repeat the same steps over the remaining star spokes until you’ve stitched all six petals!


step eleven

Finish by knotting your thread on the underside of your design. You can do this by threading your needle under a stitch, then bring your needle into the thread loop you’ve just created and pull tight to secure. Repeat a second time for extra security.


step twelve

Make a bunch of colorful lazy daisies to add floral cheer to whatever you’re stitching!


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