Lesson: How to Make Tassels

Master the tassel.

Crafting Video Tutorial
How to Make Tassels

step one

Find the end of your yarn skein (if using Omegacryl, use both tails - one on the inside, one on the outside), place the end(s) in a notch on the bottom arm of your tool. Wrap yarn around the tool the number of times indicated on the tassel revolution count guide (last step). Finish wrapping, place the yarn in any notch on the bottom arm (same arm you started on) cut yarn off the skein.

How to Make Tassels

step two

Cut a piece of yarn three times the width of yarn bundle. Hold tool so the arm with the yarn ends in the notches aka bottom arm is facing down while the other top arm is facing up . Thread the new piece of yarn through the center of your yarn bundle.

How to Make Tassels

step three

Wiggle yarn strand upwards toward the top of tassel, moving back and forth until it wedges along the top surface of your tool. Tie a single knot, pull it to the surface of your tassel, but don’t pull it tight just yet! Carefully remove your yarn from your tool then pull the knot tight and secure with a second single knot. 

How to Make Tassels

step four

Hold your tassel with the loops pointing upwards. Working in small sections, trim open the loops on the bottom of your tassel, pulling up on them to get an even snip.

How to Make Tassels

step five

Open your tassel flat and pull down the top string so that it rotates 180 degrees, resulting in the knot rotating to the underside of the tassel. Close the tassel the same way you opened it. The result should be a neat tassel with a clean little loop on the top!

How to Make Tassels

step six

If you have a tassel comb, now is a great time to put it to use! Comb down the tassel strands so that your yarn is nice and neat. Cut a new piece of yarn a foot or so long (depending on your tassel size) in either the same or an accent color. Wrap the new strand of yarn around your tassel twice, slightly below the top where you want your tassel head to form. Once the yarn is wrapped around twice, gently pull on both ends to compress the tassel and form the head, then wrap around multiple times until you like how the wrap looks. Secure wrap by double knotting the two ends of yarn together and trim off excess yarn if the wrap is a different color.

How to Make Tassels

step seven

Give your tassel another comb through, then cut the bottom to be even. We recommend pressing down your tassel to be flat and trimming straight across, then rotate tassel 90 degrees and repeat. This should result in an evenly trimmed tassel!

How to Make Tassels

step eight

Your tassel is now ready to be attached to anything you please! Learn how to securely attach your tassel a number of different ways right here.


Omegacryl tassels

XL Loome Tool: 100 revolutions

Standard Loome Tool - Wide Side: 80 revolutions

Standard Loome Tool - Narrow Side: 50 revolutions

NOTE: These revolution counts are with one 3-ply strand of Omegacryl. Divide count by 2 if using two tails to wrap.

Favorito Tassel Revolution Guide - Tassels

Favorito tassels

XL Loome Tool: 80 revolutions

Standard Loome Tool - Wide Side: 60 revolutions

Standard Loome Tool - Narrow Side: 40 revolutions


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