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Lesson: How to Tie Dye Scrunch Pattern

When in doubt, scrunch it out with this fool-proof tie dye pattern!

  • Rubber gloves*
  • Apron or smock*
  • Ziplock bags or plastic wrap (plus a Sharpie if you’re doing this with friends!)

*Indicates inclusion in our Tie Dye Kits!


Scrunch tutorial at minute 18:00

How to Tie Dye Scrunch Pattern

step one

Head here to learn how to prep your item for dyeing. Once your item is damp and ready, lay it flat. A scrunch pattern is one of the easiest to create! Simply scrunch your fabric towards the center to form either a long snake-like shape like the one pictured above, or a round scrunched blob. Try to keep scrunches even and avoid large flaps covering entire areas.

How to Tie Dye Scrunch Pattern

step two

Band your scrunched creation going across in multiple directions to secure the scrunching in place.

How to Tie Dye Scrunch Pattern

step three

Dye your item in a single color or playful mix! While the example above is covered just in black dye, a confetti of colors looks awesome, as does stripes. Just be sure to leave ample white space between colors that might bleed together into brown.

How to Tie Dye Scrunch Pattern

step four

Head here for instructions on how to set dye, then rinse, wash & care for your new scrunch tie dye creation!


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