Lesson: How to Tie Dye Double Spiral Pattern

A gorgeous twist on a classic tie dye pattern for 2x the 😍!

  • Rubber gloves*
  • Apron or smock*
  • Ziplock bags or plastic wrap (plus a Sharpie if you’re doing this with friends!)

*Included in our Tie Dye Kits!

Tie Dye Double Spiral - Step 1

step one

Head here to learn how to prep your item for dyeing. Once your item is damp and ready, lay it flat. With a washable marker, mark two dots on your dampened item to indicate where you want the center of your two spirals.

Tie Dye Double Spiral - Step 2

step two

Pinch the fabric of your first mark with your index finger and thumb. Gently twist the fabric over and over until a swirl begins to form. You can use your non-dominant hand to control the fabric as it spirals to prevent it from towering. Continue twisting until you've spiraled up half of the fabric. 

Tie Dye Double Spiral - Step 4

step three

Pinch the other dot and spiral it in the same direction so your spirals resemble an S. Continue twisting until all of fabric has been incorporated, and the two spirals meet. 

Tie Dye Double Spiral - Step 5

step four

Wrap any remaining fabric (like the corners of a towel, or the straps of a bag) around the outside of the two spirals.

Tie Dye Double Spiral - Step 5

step five

Secure the entire bundle with several rubber bands.

Tie Dye Double Spiral - Step 7

step six

Use a washable marker to mark X's across the center of each spiral. Position the overlapping Xs so that they form a lattice pattern.

Tie Dye Double Spiral - Step 8

step seven

Add one dye color to the center diamond shape you've just drawn, then fill in the other spaces with coordinating colors, mirroring each color in opposite spaces of the two spirals.

Tie Dye Double Spiral - Step 9

step eight

Carefully flip over the banded bundle, and apply dye to the other side.

You can place the dye in the same spaces on the back as you did the front or you can cover the entire back side in a single color (as pictured) to create a striping effect in your swirl.

Double Spiral Tie Dye Towel

step nine

Head here for instructions on how to set dye, then rinse, wash & care for your new double spiral tie dye masterpiece!


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