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DIY Pom Pom Pajaki Chandelier


You guys!!! Pom pom pajaki day is finally here!!!!!!!!! Pajaki have been on my DIY wish list basically since I launched TNTP and I can’t believe the day to share my obsession with them is today. Last year I shared a similar-ish tutorial for a pajaki-inspired pom pom chandelier, but this one takes the freaking cake, if I do say so myself.

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DIY Wedding Cake Piñata

diy pinata wedding cake

You guys I am SO excited to finally share this DIY with you! Now that our wedding post is live on Ruffled, I can finally spill the beans on all the details behind our wedding cake, which was not a cake at all but rather a PIÑATA!! Looking for ways to cut costs, neither Sam nor I were that enthused about ordering a fancy wedding cake, though we did want…

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DIY Lace Wedding Dreamcatchers

lace wedding dreamcatchers

Wedding season 2018 is already upon us, and I’m so excited to welcome it back by finally sharing some details from our wedding back in August!! Ruffled, a gorgeous wedding blog focused on creative couples and weddings, has featured our llama-licious wedding on their site today and we are so freaking excited! Naturally, there were plenty of DIYed elements of our wedding decor and naturally, I documented the making of…

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