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What Happens at a Gujarati Indian Wedding


If you guys follow my stories over on Instagram, there’s a good chance you caught a glimpse (or the entire live broadcast) of my best friend Kruti’s wedding a few weekends ago. The festivities started on a Wednesday night and went all the way into the wee hours of Sunday morning. Never have I ever attended a wedding with so many events (and so many outfit changes!) where each moment…

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Our Big Fat Jewish Llama Wedding

Llama Wedding The Neon Tea Party

Today marks Sam’s and my 1 wedding year anniversary! It’s wild how fast time flies because it definitely does not feel like a year ago since the best day of our lives. Our wedding was featured on Ruffled Blog back in April where I shared all of the details behind our big day, everything from our epic llama farm venue to my decor choices, vendor list and more. (Be sure…

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DIY Wedding Cake Piñata

diy pinata wedding cake

You guys I am SO excited to finally share this DIY with you! Now that our wedding post is live on Ruffled, I can finally spill the beans on all the details behind our wedding cake, which was not a cake at all but rather a PIÑATA!! Looking for ways to cut costs, neither Sam nor I were that enthused about ordering a fancy wedding cake, though we did want…

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