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DIY Wine Glass Charms

This easy DIY can be made with any charms you like, and all the supplies can be found at your local bead or craft store.

A few months ago, my best friend Shiran’s sister reached out to me to help come up with a cute party gift idea for Shiran’s bridal shower. Since the shower centered around a wine tasting–Shiran’s drink of choice!–we thought it would be appropriate to give out a set of wine glass charms to each guest.


  • 4 charms of your choice for each set
  • Hoop earring wires
  • Jump rings
  • Flat nose pliers

Plan out your charms and attach a jump ring to each one.

Next, using your flat nose pliers, turn the pointy side of your earring wire to provide a secure closure for the hoop. (Note: if your earring wires already come this way, that’s one less step for you!)

Add a charm to each earring wire and voila! Adorable wine charms that double as funky earrings. 🙂

This wine glass charm DIY could not be any easier. It’s a great idea that can be used for birthday party favors, stocking stuffers, teachers gifts, and so much more! Let me know if you try it out by tagging me @theneonteaparty.

peace, love & neon,

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