The Best Gifts for Crafters

The Best Gifts for Crafters in Your Life

So you may not be a crafter, but your best friend, mom, sister, or tween is, and you have literally NO IDEA what to get them — construction paper? Glue? Wait, they probably have that already… right?  What do you buy the crafter in your life?

FRET NOT friend, we are your crafting experts and we are here to gift-guide you in the right direction for easy shopping for all of the crafters and creative people in your life (and yes, they definitely already have construction paper and glue).


Tie Dye Gifts


If you have an avid tie dyer — or even just a color-lover — in your life chances are they are fully stocked on dye (and not just any dye, but whatever dye they feel most comfortable using). Instead of dye, we recommend two different routes for gifting for tie dyers: setup materials and dyeables.

Materials: This Tie Dye Rack in a new, larger size is a FANTASTIC addition to any tie dye setup. It makes dyeing indoors a breeze, and it’s a necessity for letting ice dye projects sit overnight. How does it work? You simply place your ready-to-dye bound item on the rack, and then when you’re applying dye, the tray below catches all the dye – which they can choose to reuse OR it makes for super easy cleanup.

Dyeables: When shopping for dyeables, look for items that are 100% cotton for maximum color absorbency and lasting power. Our favorite new dyeable are these 100% cotton Pajamas in sizes from 2T to Adult XXL.

Gifts for Yarn Lovers in Your Life


We lovingly call the yarn lovers in our life our fiber friends. And you know what’s great about people who love yarn? They can NEVER have enough yarn (no seriously.. there’s no such thing). So if you’re shopping for someone who loves yarn.. buy them yarn. It’s that simple!

Our favorite is Omegacryl – an amazing acrylic yarn from Mexico that comes in the most VIBRANT colors for making pom poms, tassels, friendship bracelets, embroidery, crochet, knitting, bargello… truly any project that involves yarn.

Looking to really wow your best fiber friend? Go big with the Whole Omegacryl Rainbow!! It’s the perfect gift for artists, designers, and fiber craft fanatics alike.

Were you sent this list by a yarn lover for some hints on what to get? Go with the Limited Edition Bundle. This hand-picked bundle includes six BRAND NEW Omegacryl colors that aren’t available in our full rainbow, so it’s the gift you know they don’t have!

Gifts for Tweens Crafters in Your Life


Why are tweens consistently the hardest to shop for? They’re too old for toys, too young for teen gifts, and gift cards can feel impersonal. Here are two options that we promise they’ll be obsessed with:

Friendship Bracelet Kit: Tweens are PRIME for Friendship Bracelet making. They love their friends, they love telling you how much they love their friends, and they love making sure everyone knows that they are BFFFFFFs. Enter the friendship bracelet. This kit comes with everything they need to make several bracelets, as well as instructions on how to get started. There are SO MANY patterns for Friendship Bracelets that this kit will occupy them for all of winter break, your next road trip, and beyond.

Pom Pom Starter Kit: Pom Poms = happiness. That’s the equation here. They can’t NOT be happy when turning balls of yarn into fluffy pom poms to string onto a garland for their room, a keychain for their backpack, or even earrings for those newly pierced ears! Currently on trend: Neon and Pastel colors, so do yourself a favor and grab one of those!!

Gift for a creative person in your life


You know the saying ‘once you pop you just don’t stop’? Once you start crafting, there really is no turning back. One day you decide to pick up painting and the next thing you know you have 10 different new craft projects to try. So if you’re not sure which craft your creative person is interested in, OR they seem to be interested in everything, we recommend The Ultimate Crafter’s Bag. This pouch — which in and of itself is cute enough that all you have to do is add a bow and boom it’s ready for gifting — has materials for Tie Dye, Pom Poms, Friendship Bracelets, Embroidery, and Crochet. Gift this bag to anyone ages 8 to 90 and we know they’re going to flip!!

Gift for the Crafter who has everything


If the crafter in your life already has a craft room that’s bursting at the seams, it may feel a bit silly to gift them more craft supplies. Besides giving them a coupon for a few hours of your time to assist in organizing their craft room (truly, a priceless gift), we recommend The Crafter Ringer Tee so they can rep their CRAFTER status appropriately, or a Gift Card to replenish their supplies.

Stocking Stuffers for Crafters


Stocking stuffers for Crafters NEED to be eye candy (which go great along with all the real candy you’re going to stuff in someone’s stocking). Bead Blends are an amazing gift that really pack a punch. The blend is gorgeous and it has everything you need for a perfect Christmas morning craft project.

Our other favorite stocking stuffer? A Craft Sticker Sheet!! Because yes, your pair of scissors need a sticker of scissors on it (your crafter will understand).

The Neon Tea Party Pom Pom Tassel Gift Toppers

Still struggling to figure out what to buy the crafter in your life? Comment below and we’ll point you in the right direction, or find lots of awesome options over in The Neon Tea Party Shop!

Happy gifting, happy crafting, and happy holidays, y’all!

Peace, love & festive neon,

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