DIY Pom Pom Garland

There’s truly no better season for pom poms than the holidays! These fluffy little balls of joy make the perfect decoration for gifts and seasonal decor of all sorts. One of our favorite holiday pom pom projects is a festive garland filled with colorful patterned poms, beads, tassels, and anything else you please!

This simple holiday pom pom garland DIY can be adjusted however you like! Use only pom poms, add more beads, ditch the little yarn danglies, string on some charms — the sky is the limit!

This craft project makes for a wonderful family holiday activity where everyone can make a mess of poms, then string them all together to create a family garland to hang in your home. This project is also the perfect way to use up any loose pom poms you’ve been crafting up and stashing for a TBD project. 😉


  • Lots of pom poms! The amount is up to you, but 10 is great number to start with. Here’s what you’ll need for those:
  • Worsted weight or thicker yarn for stringing your poms
  • Plastic yarn needle*
  • Assorted beads (wooden here & metallic here)
  • Scrap pieces of Omegacryl
  • Washi tape

*Comes in our Pom Pom & Tassel Starter Kit!

STEP 1: Make a ton of pom poms!

You can find instructions for how to make pom poms here and how to create patterns in your pom poms here! For this project, we love choosing a color scheme, then going to town making all different solid and patterned pom poms using only those colors. However, a rainbow of poms or totally random assortment look just as fabulous!

STEP 2: Plan your design

Once your poms are ready to go, bust out the beads and lay out your garland pattern. This step is totally optional if you rather design as you go, however we recommend planning so you’re sure to be happy with the result!

STEP 3: String on your pom poms

Cut a length of your thick yarn about 5.5′ long, or as long as you want your garland to be. Always add about an extra foot on each end to give yourself enough length to hang your garland.

Thread the yarn onto a plastic yarn needle and start stringing! You can learn our tips for stringing on pom poms here.

STEP 4: String on your beads

String a few beads (or as many as you like!) in between each pom pom. You’ll want to be sure to use beads whose holes are big enough to go over your yarn needle.

STEP 5: Create stoppers with the end beads

If you choose to end your pattern with beads on either end, loop around and back through the end beads to secure them in place. If you end with pom poms, no need to do anything with them — they should stay in place on the thick yarn and not wiggle around, unless you move them yourself.

STEP 6: Add dangling yarn

In lieu of tassels, tying bits of Omegacryl yarn is a quick and easy way to get a similar effect! Use the same or complimentary colors (or a mix!) and tie them onto the thick yarn between the beads every 2-3 pom poms.

STEP 7: Hang your garland!

It’s no surprise we turn to one of our favorite craft supplies — washi tape! — to hang our garlands. The pop of neon or pastel paper tape adds extra playfulness to the setup. But Command hooks are always a terrific go-to for long-term garland hanging. Tie a slip-knot at both ends of the garland yarn then hook them right on! Or, of course, string your garlard onto your tree for some show-stopping pom pom flair.

This festive garland is perfect for celebrations of all kinds and a fun decoration for your home year round! You can also find a tutorial for the blue, white & yellow Hanukkah pom pom garland above in this DIY Pom-ukkah Party post.

Be sure to tag @theneonteaparty on Instagram if you whip up pom pom garland with this tutorial! Find more pom pom tutorials here.

Peace, love & neon,

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