DIY Hanukkah Pom Pom Napkin Rings

Blog post updated from November 28, 2018.

Hanukkah is a holiday filled with greasy, delicious treats like sufganiyot (jelly donuts) and potato latkes, so having napkins on hand is always in order. We thought it would be fun to jazz up the typical Hanukkah napkin situation with some pom pom napkin rings, perfect for every type of celebration from small candle-lighting gatherings to sophisticated Hanukkah dinner parties.

This DIY can of course be adapted in whatever colors you like to suit any holiday, occasion, or home decor scheme!


*Included in our Pom Pom & Tassel DIY Starter Kit!

STEP 1: Make a sprinkled pom pom by wrapping all six colors at the same time 20 revolutions on the small side of the Loome. Tie and trim with a 1.75″ trim guide. (All pom pom steps can be found here!)

STEP 2: Next make a braid by cutting 12″ of each of the six yarn colors, tie them together at the top, pair them off into three sections of two colors each and braid.

STEP 3: Once you get to the end, thread the braid onto your yarn needle and string the pom pom onto the center of the braid. Tie the end of the braid and trim excess yarn on both ends.

STEP 4: Repeat process to create as many napkin rings as you like! Tie them onto fabric napkins with poms on top and knotted braid hiding on the back.

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