Our Fave DIY Gift Ideas

Holiday DIY Gift Ideas

With Halloween in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to make a list and check it twice — a gift list that is!

As crafters, making gifts is a unique way that we can show our love and appreciation for the people in our lives.

We also know that making gifts takes time, and during a season as busy as the holidays, we need meaningful craft projects that won’t take forever. 😅 (Bonus if they can be made in bulk!)

With those considerations in mind, we’re sharing our favorite DIY gift ideas that are relatively quick, can be made in bulk, and are guaranteed to bring joy to whomever you’re gifting.

(AKA the things we actually make & gift, ourselves!)

Here are our favorite DIY gift ideas + suggestions for who to gift them to!


GIFT IDEA: Personalized Zip Pouches

WHO TO MAKE THEM FOR: Your nieces & nephews, your work Secret Santa, & your Craft-Loving Bestie (but really, anyone on your list!)

THE IDEA: This year we worked with a manufacturer to create the *perfect* zip pouch for stashing school supplies, makeup, everyday items, and of course, crafting notions.

Made of 100% white cotton, you can quickly and easily tie dye up a whole batch of pouches. Take it a step further and add custom embroidery featuring names, initials, and fun designs. (Our embroidery templates contain a block letter alphabet to help you out!)

THE DIY: Learn 4 ways to customize zip pouches (including tie dye & embroidery) here in this post!



Kitchen Sink Bracelet

GIFT IDEA: “Kitchen Sink” Jewelry

WHO TO MAKE IT FOR: Anyone who deserves something extra special or already has everything!

THE IDEA: “Kitchen sink” jewelry refers to beaded necklaces, bracelets, etc. that mix all of the beads in your stash. Seriously!

This haphazard look is having a major fashion moment and it’s the perfect way to make use of the beads sitting in your bead box while making something super special and unique.

The key is to plan out your pattern before stringing, and finish each piece with a shiny clasp or crimp cover over your stretch string knots.

THE DIY: We love this look for stretch bracelets or clasp necklaces! Check out How to Make Stretch Bracelets that Won’t Break and DIY Beaded Necklaces on our blog.



Crochet Scrunchie Pattern - Stitch'd by India x The Neon Tea Party

GIFT IDEA: Crochet Hair Scrunchies

WHO TO MAKE THEM FOR: The Gen-Z’ers in your life, your friends, & yourself (you deserve to feel cute while making gifts for everyone else!)

THE IDEA: If you know how to crochet (even just the basics!) you can make these quick and easy crochet hair scrunchies! They work up so quickly that you can turn on a holiday movie and have a whole batch completed by the end of it.

THE DIY: The pattern comes in our Crochet Scrunchie Kit! Get inspired with different color & texture variations in this blog post, and level up with pony beads using this simple trick!



GIFT IDEA: Ice Dyed Accessories

WHO TO MAKE THEM FOR: Your mail carrier, your dog walker, your favorite receptionist — anyone to whom you want to show your appreciation!

THE IDEA: If you have a lot of people on your list but not a ton of time, this project is a savior!

Simply gather a bunch of dyeable accessories (bonus: no need to worry about sizes!), band them up, place them on a tie dye rack, and bulk dye them using the ice dye method. You can easily knock 5-10 people off your list in one swoop!

THE DIY: Learn how to ice dye here!



GIFT IDEA: Pom Pom Earrings

WHO TO MAKE THEM FOR: Your partner’s mom, your aunts, your children’s teacher(s)

THE IDEA: Pom pom earrings are a jewelry box staple. Colorful, lightweight, and fun, they are the ideal earrings to brighten up a neutral look, pack for a vacation, and rock at holiday parties.

You can easily craft up a whole batch of pom pom earrings by making mini poms in bulk, then add them onto wire jewelry hoops. Pop them into organza pouches and you have beautiful handmade earrings that are guaranteed to bring instant joy to whoever wears them!

THE DIY: Learn our methods for making pom pom earrings here!



GIFT IDEA: Tie Dye Pajamas

WHO TO MAKE THEM FOR: Your whole family or friend group!

THE IDEA: For many families, matching pajamas is an annual holiday tradition! This year, take a DIY approach with tie dye pajamas for the whole family. (Our dyeable cotton jammies run size 2/3 through adult!)

What’s great about dyeing matching pajamas is that you only need a few dye colors and you can use the same pattern for all, which makes the planning and dyeing processes really simple.

THE DIY: Learn our favorite ways to tie dye holiday pajamas here!


We hope this round-up has helped to inspire your DIY gift-giving endeavors this holiday season!

If you have any craft questions or would like further support (or simply someone to cheer you on!), drop a note in the comments below or email us at hi@theneonteaparty.com.

Happy holiday crafting, friend!!!

Peace, love & neon,
TeamNTP ✌️

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