Hanukkah Star Garland Crochet Pattern

The Hanukkah season is upon us!!! Which means it’s time to craft and hang some festive decorations to bring a little extra ✨light✨ into your holiday!

This season, we wanted to create a fun and easy crochet project to celebrate the Hanukkah spirit and reuse for years to come. Enter: the Hanukkah Star Garland Crochet Pattern!

This crochet project pattern includes instructions for three sizes of 6-point crochet stars, which you can create in whatever colors you like, then string together with a simple crochet chain.

We wanted to keep this project beginner-friendly, with the hope that you can encourage your friends and family to join in and learn to crochet these stars with you! All three stars are comprised of just single and double crochets, plus chains, to help make learning to stitch them a breeze.

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The pattern also includes instructions for turning your stars into festive charms to hang in your windows, on gifts, and around your home, plus bonus tutorials for how to make tassels to adorn your stars!

Not just for celebrating Jewish holidays, this gorgeous pattern is reminiscent of snowflakes and would bring festive cheer to any home this winter.


*When you purchase our Hanukkah Star Garland Pattern, you have the option to add on a Favorito Yarn Bundle in one of three Hanukkah color combos! Our “Neon Hanukkah” Favorito Yarn bundle is pictured in this post.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The key step when making these six-point stars is to properly block them so that the points are prominent and look like true stars rather than flowers. If you’re going for a snowflake look and don’t mind the points being slightly rounded, you can skip that step if you’d like!

Here are links for the blocking board and straight pins we used in this project. Learn our tips for blocking acrylic yarn in this blog post!

We hope you adore stitching up this pattern as much as we enjoyed creating it for you! If you reach a roadblock or need some design input, your best craft friends are always here to cheer you on!

Need clarity on yarn quantities, or anything else? Drop it in the comments below or shoot us an email at hi@theneonteaparty.com.

If you make this Hanukkah Star Garland Crochet Pattern, please be sure to tag us on Instagram @theneonteaparty so we can celebrate your gorgeous work!

Happy crocheting, friends, and happy Hanukkah! ✨

Peace, love & neon,

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