Granny Stripe Stocking Pattern

Granny Stripe Crochet Stocking🎶 It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiime of the yearrrrrrrrr! 🎶

Is that because it’s 🎶the holiday season 🎶? Partially. But mostly it’s because our Granny Stripe Stocking Pattern is finally available!!!

Just like when we were conceptualizing the Granny Square Cardigan Pattern, Marisa and I spent some time (on Zoom) sketching and brainstorming all of the details that would make the perfect Granny Stripe Stocking.

After testing various stripe designs, building out the stitches for making the toe and heel, making a cuff, frogging it, and making it all again, we finally landed on, what we (humbly) believe to be the perfect, beginner-friendly, Granny Stripe Stocking Pattern.

Granny Stripe Stocking - Stripes in Progress 3


There are countless ways to design the stripes of your stocking! This is ideal if you’re looking to crochet several granny stripe stockings in coordinating colors for a family! In the pattern, we’ve put together a few design concepts to get you started, as well as the approximate amount of Favorito yarn you’ll need to achieve each design.

Our granny stripe stocking pattern is available for purchase in The Neon Tea Party Shop.

Already have a 4mm hook, and more yarn than you know what to do with? Grab just the pattern.

Granny Stripe Stocking Crochet Pattern Yarn

Experiencing color decision paralysis? We’ve curated three different yarn bundles that will stitch together beautifully!
Note: Each yarn bundle includes enough yarn to crochet one stocking exactly as pictured.

Granny Stripe Stocking - Cuff Detail


Here’s everything you’ll need to crochet your own Granny Stripe Christmas Stocking:

*The total amount of yarn you’ll need in each color can vary, depending on the cuff, heel, toe, and stripe design of your stocking. For example, if you’re making the stocking exactly as pictured, you’ll need 6 skeins of Favorito in 6 different colors. If you’re making a solid stocking with 1 accent color for the cuff, heel, and toe, you’ll need 1 skein of Favorito for the accent color, and 3 skeins for the body of the stocking. In the pattern, we’ve put together five different stocking design concepts, as well as the approximate amount of Favorito yarn you’ll need to achieve each design.

Granny Stripe Stocking - Dangle 3


Completely optional, but highly recommended — make a hanging pom pom and tassel bauble for your stocking!

In the pattern we share all of the details on how to make the exact stacked tassel bauble pictured here. We highly recommend playing with various pom pom sizes, tassel lengths, and yarn blends to create the perfect accessory for your own custom crochet stocking!

If you’re new to making pom poms and tassels, here’s everything you’ll need:

Find all of our tutorials for making pom poms and tassels here.

DIY Colorful Crochet Christmas Stocking

If you reach a roadblock or need some design input, your new best craft friends are here to cheer you on!

Need clarity on yarn quantities, or anything else? Drop it in the comments below or shoot us an email.

If you make this Granny Stripe Stocking Pattern, please be sure to tag us on Instagram @theneonteaparty so we can celebrate your gorgeous work!

Happy crocheting, and happy holidays!

Peace, love & neon,


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